NEXTFLEX: Scaling Workforce Readiness Through Manufacturing Expertise

Thursday, November 4, 2021
eCampus News- Malcolm Thompson, Executive Director, NextFlex

Developing career pathways and providing real-world learning experiences are critical to filling the advanced manufacturing skills

The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected US employment, with a significant impact on the manufacturing sector. According to Deloitte’s recent “2021 manufacturing outlook,” US manufacturing faces a long recovery to match its post-2008 recession momentum. And, as we recover, manufacturing may never look the same, with companies adapting to hybrid work environments and expecting more agility from the workforce.

Pre-pandemic, US manufacturers were already challenged by the rapid pace of innovation, needing to constantly upskill and reskill for new and emerging 21st century jobs, and a well-documented overall shortage of prepared workers. While we can all agree that today’s manufacturing workforce is challenged, what can be done that will have the greatest positive impact?

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