Card Maker LovePop Uses 3D Printers To Make Faceshields

Monday, April 13, 2020
Boston Business Journal

By: Rowan Walrath 

Greeting card manufacturer LovePop is ramping up production of plastic face shields for front line health care workers. Once their face shield production ramps up to capacity they plan to add hospital gowns to mix. 

Lovepop’s cutting edge 3D printing equipment and deep engineering knowledge base allowed to them to quickly shift gears from making cards to medical equipment for frontline health care workers. 

“As of this moment, 10,000 face shields are being made in our first production run. Over the next couple of weeks, we plan to ramp up to make over 40,000 per day. We are exploring ways to increase production to 100,000 per day. If there is a need, we will do everything in our power to help,” said CEO Wombi Rose in a blog post on Lovepop’s website.

In an interview with BostInno, the Lovepop team said there were inspired to take action after hearing stories of PPE shortages from friends and classmates working at hospitals.

“Just hearing their stories about the lack of equipment and generally what their days are looking like right now, it’s impossible not to do whatever you can to help them out. We’re a company that has access to significant production resources. It is just something that you have to do."

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